Sonu Sood being investigated by the IT dept over 20 crore tax evasion

In recent developments, as part of its search and seizure operation, the income department raided several premises of a popular actor in Mumbai. The actor may have been Sonu Sood and the rapid assault found some evidence of fiscal evasion, according to reports. Following the initial inquiry, the Central Direct Tax Board believes that the actor routes his income as unrepresented loans from many fake organisms. There are claims to be more than Rs 20 crore for total tax evasion.

According to reports, for 3 days a row, the IT raid revealed considerable evidence of fiscal evasion. Non-profit actors allegation that they managed 2.1 donor-funded crores outside India that violated the FOC Act which kept these transactions under control.As claims from the IT Department an actor whose philanthropic work for the people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic earned a great deal of appreciation, his non-profit Sood Charity Foundation, set up in July of last year during the first wave of Covid, received over 18 crores to April this year.

The raids have taken place in Mumbai, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jaipur, Gurugram and Delhi in last week at the venues of actor Sonu Sood and his associates.
The total tax avoided up to now is more than Rs. 20 crore, “said I-T authorities.From the 01/04/2002 to the date it has spent approx. Rs 1,9 crore in different aid projects, the Charity Foundation incorporated by the actor on 21 July 2020 collected donations for the Rs 18,94 crore, and up to now the balance of Rs 17 crore has been found not used on the Foundation Bank’s account. The charity foundation has also collected funds from donors from abroad in violation of FCRA’s regulations in the form of Rs 2.1 crore’s funds, according to I-T.

The I-T reports.The I-T representatives also raided a builder in Lucknow, where the actor invested. The function Object() { [native code] } is charged with falsifying entries (black money laundering) over Rs 65 crore, while the builder’s unrecounted income is estimated at over Rs 175 crore. The search is still ongoing and further research is underway. The search is still ongoing and further research is underway.

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