“It makes you feel guilty,” says Esha Gupta who’s on a long vacation.

Esha Gupta is currently residing in UAE.

Just before the second wave of coronavirus hit India and the nation went into lockdown mode, Esha Gupta flew to Dubai for a shoot. From there, she went to Spain to complete her job responsibilities. Since then, the actress made Marbella her home. Currently, she is residing in the UAE, and her pictures on social media suggest that the Commando 2 actress is having a great time there.

However, all the holidays have left her nervous. It’s been a long time, and Esha hopes to resume her work in India very soon. The actress who has been multiplying for one of her projects from the confines of her house in Spain told the Bombay Times: “I feel like when you don’t deserve a vacation and yet are on a long vacation, it makes you feel guilty. I feel that the people who have started to work again, after the lockdown was lifted, are blessed. I want to go back to work, be on set, and look at the camera again. ”

To stay sane in these tough times, emotionally and mentally, Esha has devoted herself to some activities. She says, “I keep busy playing sports. I have started meditating and it is helping me a lot. Also, I have been a believer in God. I think the more you give yourself, the better you feel.”

Being at the top of the digital wave the actress, has two web projects in her kitty. In an earlier chat with BT, she had said, “I am just waiting for the schedule and hoping that they call me back to India for the shoot very soon.”

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