‘It was set up wrong and uninformed’ says Vir Das on being accused of making ‘transphobic jokes’ in his comedy special

Several netizens on social media called out Vir Das for making transphobic jokes in an episode of #TenonTen.

Vir Das is not only known for his acting skills but also for outstanding satirical comedy on relevant topics. He often talks about burning topics but on a lighter note. However, this time he got it a little wrong, and he even admitted to it.

He released the fifth episode of his comedy special, Ten On Ten. The episode titled Tribalism & Cancel Culture vs Comedy included puns on pronouns, trans people, rape, cancel culture, privilege, and a few other sensitive topics. However, days after the episode was released, Vir was accused of being transphobic and called him out for making transphobic jokes in the episode. Now, Vir has issued a statement and addressed a fan named Amaan. 

In the statement issued online, he thanked a person from the queer community for ‘calling him in’, and wrote, “I did a joke on the new ten on ten episodes that my friends in the Trans community felt hurt by. I see why. My intent at the moment was to say Trans people have the courage the Govt never ever could and it was set up wrong and uninformed.”



“I messed up. It had the opposite effect and trivialized your struggle. Articulating my intent effectively is my responsibility, not yours. I got that joke wrong. Plain and simple. No buts.” Sometimes (a lot of) people are upset because the joke really worked, sometimes because the joke doesn’t. My audience understands comedy, they can take a joke. So when they talk to me, I listen,” he further wrote.

The comedian also attached two screenshots of his conversation with his follower, Amaan. “I’m a queer individual who identifies as non-binary. I see your reaction to the calling out of your mistakes and I feel like someone has to call you in, instead. When you feel like you’re being attacked, it’s very easy to get defensive and reactionary. You of all people know punching up is how comedy works, and yet you chose to punch down, if only as a setup. I hope you understand,” Amaan wrote, signing off as “your slightly hurt fan”.

In his reply to Amaan, Das apologized to him and warranted him that he would difficulty a press release, acknowledging his mistake. “You’re appropriate concerning the joke, and I’m so sorry it made you are feeling damage. I’m going to place a press release out, however ready until everybody calms down so that they realize it’s thought out and real. If my work, the intent isn’t ever to harm. Give it a minute and I’ll positively reply,” Das had responded on the time.


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