Jackky Bhagnani blamed for sexual assault under #metoo

A newcomer in the industry has blamed several men in the industry for sexual assault, one of them being, actor-producer Jackky Bhagnani.

#metoo has become the new normal after the wave of confessions broke out under this tag. The negative secrets of B-Town were unearthed and the shady practices of the casting department were exposed. However, there hasn’t been an end to this business. Off late, a 28-year-old young fresh face who has turned from a model to an artist and a songwriter has filed a case against a dozen of men who have been alleged for sexual assault in the past several years. Maheshwar Reddy, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Zone 10, has asked a police officer at Andheri Police station to record the lady’s statement. Post that the statement was recorded on May 18 and the matter has been forwarded to DCP Zone 9 office in Bandra.

An FIR has been filed which has named several high-profile men in the case. Actor-producer Jacky Bhagnani, photographer Colston Julian, Kwan Entertainment Co-founder Anirban Blah, Krishan Kumar from Tseries AHA & CEO Ajit Thakur, Zerodha co-founder Nikhil Kamat, Producer Vishnu Induri and others have been accused in this case. Jackky Bhagnani has been working with Juno to recreate the thriller movie of 1980, The Burning train which has left an impact on every Bollywood fan of that era. While the victim, remains anonymous, the men will have to face a huge price for the accusation.

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