Jacqueline Fernandez again collaborates with Rapper Badshah for his song ‘Paani Paani’

After the success of ‘Genda Phool’, Jacqueline now recreates another milestone with her Badshah’s new song Paani Paani

Jacqueline Fernandes is a Srilankan model who works mainly in the Bollywood film industry. She always manages to win the heart of her fans with her astonishing performance and dance moves.

Last year Jacqueline when featured in a music album video by Rapper Badshah gained a lot of popularity. It stood as the 4th most-watched music video on YouTube for the year 2020 across the world. It has above 815 million views on YouTube as of now. The song was a remake of the song Boro Loker Biti originally sung by Swapna Chakraborty.
After a huge success of ‘Genda Phool’, Jacqueline Fernandez has once again collaborated with rapper Badshah for his new song, ‘Paani Paani’. Released on Wednesday, it is sung by Badshah along with Aastha Gill. The music video is set in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The Rajasthani rawanhatta (musical instrument) and the Kalbeliya folk dance finds a place in them.

Here’s the YouTube link for the new song by Badshah & Aastha Gill featuring Jacqueline ‘Paani Paani’;

Talking about the song, Jacqueline said, “When Badshah reached out to me for ‘Paani Paani’, I instantly said yes because I was sure that this was going to be a banger of a track. I love my distinct looks in the song, we shot amongst a starkly stunning desert landscape and the result is a stunning music video”.

Badshah has also opened up on the making of the track. He said, “The process of making ‘Paani Paani’ and shooting it was a beautiful journey. When Aastha and I recorded the song, we knew that we had something unique in our hands and I only wanted Jacqueline to be a part of it. We shot it in the beautiful desert landscape and the video looks stunning. The sound of the song is different- we have used folk instruments, and local dance form that gives this a fresh look and feel.”

While this is Jacqueline’s second collaboration with Badshah, this song will be Badshah and Astha Gill’s fourth song together. The two have earlier worked on songs such as ‘DJ Wale Babu’, ‘Buzz’ and ‘Heartless’.

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