Juhi Chawla files case against 5G in India

Bollywood actress, Juhi Chawla has taken a step by filing a case to pause the implementation of the 5G signal in India due to its hazardous impact.

Each passing decade has brought in advancement in technology and a permanent societal change gave luxury and comfort. As India prepares to welcome the 5th-generation wireless network or what we call 5G, civilians have been least informed about the hazardous damages it might cause for humans as well as other dependent organisms. Bollywood actress and advertisement model, Juhi Chawla has voiced out her concern over the issue by filing a case against the implementation of the upgraded network in India.

Though the board has conducted studies regarding zero effects of the cellular network towards living organisms, the Chalk and Duster actress who filed a suitcase goes on to say, “We are not against the implementation of technological advancements. On the contrary, we enjoy using the latest products that the world of technology has to offer, including in the field of wireless communications. However, whilst using the latter kind of devices, we are in a constant dilemma, because after doing our research and studies regarding the RF radiation from wire-free gadgets and network cell towers, we have sufficient reason to believe that the radiation is extremely harmful and injurious to the health and safety of the people.”

Juhi has been doing her bit for the environment recently and hence she has indulged in the fight against the cellular network up-gradation which is supposedly aimed at technological up-gradation at the cost of the well being of the ecosystem.

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