Kabir Singh, played by Shahid Kapoor, receives a double mention as the Mumbai Police Department condemns misogynistic Bollywood scenes

The Mumbai Police official Instagram handle posted a lot of Bollywood scenes on Thursday. The normal topic in every one of them was their sexist tone.

The post started with a line from Kabir Singh, which was likewise the main film that got a twofold notice. In a scene, Kabir advises his sweetheart to fix her dupatta before different men. In another, he furiously lets a man know how she is his ‘bandi’. Film is an impression of our general public. Here are (only) a couple (of many) exchanges both our general public and film need to think about. Pick your words and activities with care – except if you need the law to intercede,” the Mumbai Police inscribed the post.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Kabir Singh attracted weighty analysis upon discharge 2019 for its sexist lines and extolling the lead character’s resentment and brutality issues. Different film stars additionally discussed whether the film spread possibly hurtful thoughts.

Notwithstanding, addressing BollywoodHungama, Shahid said, “There is just a single issue with Kabir Singh – his outrage the board. Regardless of whether it is his affection, his canine, the bai… .at whatever point he blows his top he screws up. In the principal scene itself in the film, the father says your sibling is zero.”

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