Kajol’s talkative nature irritated co-star Shah Rukh Khan when they first met on the sets of Baazigar

Bollywood’s on-screen romantic couple, Shah Rukh Khan an Kajol had first met the day after new year’s eve on the sets of Baazigar.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is a movie that is set in the hearts of all Indians as they try to seek for a perfect love story as that of Raj and Simran. These on-screen lovers are actually very good friends in real life and have worked together in several Bollywood films together. But little did anyone know that the duo had a very strange first meet on the sets of Baazigar.

Shah Rukh and Kajol were recorded on an interview where they were asked about the time when they first met. On recalling the moment, both had a hearty laugh. The actors are distinct personalities and the first thing that they spoke to each other turned into a banter complaining about each other personalities and their way of approach. Shah Rukh said that he found Kajol too loud whereas Kajol found his too grumpy. It is interesting to note that the day they first met was the 1st of January and Shah Rukh had appeared on the set after partying the entire new years eve. The actor believes that it is good practice to work on the first day of the year as it is a motivation for the months to come. Also, he emphasized on the fact of him hailing for a working class background which compels him to be on the go always.

The two have spoken about how messy the day of the meet was. Kajol had been fresh and energetic as she does not drink, but the whole set was in the new year’s hangover. There was even a legal issue as their cameraman was arrested as he didn’t have a license.

The great first meet has turned out to become a nostalgic memory for the two!

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