When Kamaal R Khan called Bollywood celebrities a ‘2 rupees person’

The legal dispute between Salman Khan and KRK is turning worst day by day.

Actor and self-proclaimed critic Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK has again tweeted against Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. We all are already aware of the legal tussle going between them.


As lots of people are now standing against KRK, he said that he will not lose sight of his one true adversary. 

The dispute started when Salman initiated a defamation suit against KRK. After that, singer Mika Singh and Bigg Boss 14 contestant Aly Goni has also slammed KRK. 

On Tuesday, June 1, KRK took to his Twitter handle and wrote, “What sort of a useless Bollywood goon are you, that you have to take the support of a flop singer, a struggling model and useless Bigg Boss contestant. You’re scared. But I now have you in my sight, I will not waver, no matter how hard you try.”

KRK called mainstream Bollywood celebrities a ‘2 rupees person’ who doesn’t support him.

After Salman’s lawyer’s clarification statement that the defamation case has filed for allegations of corruption, KRK still claiming that it is because of giving a negative review of Salman’s latest film, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

By pointing out at KRK, Bigg Boss 14 contestant, Aly Goni, also slammed him. By sharing a tweet of KRK, he wrote, “Doesn’t this worthless man have too high an opinion of himself?” 

Singer Mika Singh has also announced that he will soon release a diss track against KRK.

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