Kangana Ranaut on Twitter ban; says “Poor Twitter is begging for the freedom of speech”

She also put allegations on Twitter for having fake followers.

Controversial queen Kangana Ranaut is again in limelight for her recent statement regarding micro-blogging site Twitter. Recently, Twitter has permanently suspended her official account for violating guidelines of the particular site.

Kangana lashed out at the Twitter after the micro-blogging site requested the IT Ministry to consider a minimum of three-month extension on the ban.

On Thursday, Twitter expressed concern over the “use of intimidation tactics by the police”. 

Reacting to the same, Kangana shared the Twitter India’s statement on her Instagram story, and wrote in her sardonic style, “Poor Twitter begging for freedom of speech, twitter the great, the unelected member of parliament, supreme justice of the world, keeper of moral compass of humanity and what is their basic qualifications or credentials to ask or forcefully acquire this power? Who are they?”

Kangana also allegedly questioned Twitter for having fake followers and said that followers are bought and sold there and these are a handful of people who take drugs.

“Handful of druggies who can be bought and sold easily, everything has a price tag from followers to promotional tweets, these money greedy private businessmen and capitalists want to run nations, bully and control the governments? Really haven’t we learnt from east India company?” she further added.



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