Kangana Ranaut to face warrant if fails again to show up in Javed Akhtar defamatory case

Kangana after Sushant Singh’s death in an statement dragged Javed Akhtar’s name because of which the senior lyricist filed a defamatory case against her

Kangana Ranaut is now the subject of a defamation action brought by famous lyricist Javed Akhtar. Kangana Ranaut has been given one final chance to show up in court by the Metropolitan Magistrate in Andheri. In case she fails to show up at the next hearing, the Court may issue a bailable arrest warrant.

Kangana’s lawyer informed the court that she was not in the nation and that her missing presence from the hearing on Tuesday, July 27, should be forgiven. However, Javed Akhtar’s lawyer, Advocate Jay Bharadwaj, challenged the exemption and asked for the issue of a bailable arrest order because Kangana had failed to appear on prior days as well.

Following listening to both sides, Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate RR Khan granted her exemption but warned Kangana that if she does not appear on the next date, a bailable warrant will be placed on her.

Javed Akhtar lodged a complaint towards Kangana Ranaut last year after she gave an interview to the television network Republic TV. Ranaut’s comments, as per sources, harmed Akhtar’s image. The famous lyricist alleged that his name had been unjustly brought into the tragic death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He further stated that the tv interview had millions of views on the station’s site and YouTube channel. According to reports, the conversation was also reported by other mainstream news outlets.

According to reports, Akhtar has claimed cognizance for Ranaut’s defamatory act, which is prohibited under the Indian Penal Code.

Ranaut was given a bailable warrant by the Andheri court previously this year after failing to show up in court for the hearing of the case. She was eventually given bail after providing a Rs. 15,000 guarantee and a Rs. 20,000 cash surety.

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