Kangana Ranaut’s bodyguard booked for rape charges under section 377 and others

One of Kangana Ranaut’s bodyguard’s is accused of rape and has been arrested by the Mumbai police. Why is Kangana not looking into the flaws of her team than the nation and the world?

Kangana Ranaut is the first person to point fingers are every thing that goes around the world from films to politics. Little does she know that the other four fingers are pointing right at her. Reports have surged up that say that Kangana’s bodyguard, Kumar Hegde has been arrested by the Mumbai police in a rape case revolving around a Mumbai based make-up artist.

The story goes back eight years when the accused and the victim first met, only to get into an innocent romcom which has led to a disaster. It was in June last year that the man proposed the victim for marriage. However, the victim has spoken about him visiting her flat frequently and demanding physical intimacy and sexual pleasure despite her resistance. The accused has reported that she was raped in the promise of getting married and also said that Kumar owed her around 50,000 rupees which he had taken from her before fleeing far from the city. After an FIR was filed in the DN Nagar Police station, Kumar has been booked under sections 376, 377 and 420 of the IPC.

Kangana is ought to get tied up in the case as she has often referred to Kumar being like her close family. Moreover, the actress has been spotted celebrating the birthday of the accused too. Reports say that in the past, Kangana’s hairstylist, Allister De Gee was also booked for a sexually offense under the section of protection guaranteed for children. Kanagna is yet to give a statement on the same issue.

If the actress is so opiniated about all other issues, why is she quite about the issues happening under her arena! This is a question to probe now.


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