Karan Mehra talks about suffering from COVID-19, loosing loved ones & rumors about his marriage in trouble

Karan Mehra talked about suffering from Covid-19, losing loved ones to the disease and rumours about his marriage in trouble.

Karan Mehra talked to a news site about suffering from Covid 19, losing relatives to the disease and rumours of problems in his marriage.

While talking about suffering from Covid-19 he said, “I did an antigen test which came negative, so I returned to Mumbai. Later I did an RT-PCR test. I was in isolation throughout and did two more tests as I was not feeling well and we thought it could be just the flu. On the twelfth day, when I was feeling better, my tests were positive. And five days later, I tested again which was negative. It was funny at one point, as just when I was beginning to feel better, I tested positive. But seriously, it has been a tough time. In times like these when one suspects illness, you want to get the proper care. I would feel drained and now I am recovering slowly. It will take some time to return to normal,”

About losing relatives and close ones to the disease he said “I also lost close relatives recently, including an uncle and an aunt, my school principal, some faculty members, which has affected me. Few of my fans lost their parents too. People my age are dying, some even younger. It’s so sad to see how difficult the situation is. It was disheartening to see how tough it is for everyone. Such news depresses you a lot and affects you. Thankfully, I didn’t have to be hospitalised but there is a lot of anxiety regarding Covid.”

Talking about the rumours of his marriage in trouble he said “Imagine, I am unwell, and in the morning and I had to exert myself and talk to the media! It was crazy. I was not in the frame of mind but had to set things straight. Nisha has been taking care of me through Covid.”

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