Karanvir Bohra befriends Anita hassnndani’s son Aaravv at an airport

Karanvir bumped into Anita at an airport where he met her son Aaravv

At the airport, Karanvir Bohra ran into Anita Hassanandani and her kid, Aaravv. A nd this is his first encounter with the child. He claimed that no baby can withstand his allure. Karanvir Bohra is overheard informing Anita Hassanandani that he intended to pay Aaravv and her a visit, and that it was better that they met regardless of the situation. Aaravv is clothed in a grey sweatshirt and trousers, and he is really adorable.


Karanvir could be seen in the starting of the video that “Dekhiye bachaa jitna bhi apni maa se kareeb hota hai lekin jab mere paas aata hai to maa baap sabko bhool jata hai (Looj, no mtter how close a child is to his mother, but when comes to me, kids tend to forget their parents).”

Post that he encourages Aaravv to come to him and says “come on baby, come on, come to me”, kid can be seen giving his hand to Karanvir upon which Anita’s husband says “Aaravv, whose hand are you holding?”

Anita laughs to which Karan says that she scared Aaravv which is why he’s now not coming to him. Aaravv was just about to cry when Karanvir asked him to not cry because “izzat ka sawaal hai (it’s about dignity).”

He further holds little infant’s hand and kisses it calling him a cutie.

Karan is seen sporting grey hoodie while Anita is wearing a Pink colored relaxed fit t-shirt.

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