Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan never deliberated over their kids’ names

Kareena revealed that the names were liked by us and it just happened, we didn’t give it a thought

Actrees Kareena Kapoor Khan has stated that she and Saif Ali Khan didn’t prepare a list of children’s names before the births of their two boys, Taimur Ali Khan and Jehangir Ali Khan. Although Taimur was born in 2016, baby Jehangir was welcomed by the couple earlier this year.
In the newly released book of Kareena Kapoor, she disclosed Jehangir’s name. Kareena said in a chat with a media outlet that, they named Taimur and Jehangir, commonly known as Jeh, since she and her family loved the names.

“We never truly… I’m not sure… It had been a while (snaps fingers)… Including for Taimur, it was a name that we loved. The notion is that as a family, we loved our kids names. We didn’t have a post planned list or anything. Aise kabhi nahin (It was never like that), we didn’t actually sat and thought, ok alright, let’s write it down. I believe wo jo ek aata hai, ek feeling hai (it simply came to us, it was a sensation), we both loved the name, and we called the children accordingly “She stated to a news agency.

When Kareena was pregnant with her second son Jeh, she said that she and Saif had made a conscious decision not to consider about names for their second child. Kareena had stated to Neha Dhupia on her program What Women Want, “After the whole Taimur issue, neither Saif nor I had ever considered it. We’re leaving it until the last moment and then surprise all.”
After Kareena and Saif unveiled Taimur and Jehangir’s names, they were met with backlash on social networking sites. When the couple announced the name Taimur for their elder kid, several social media users assumed it was a reference to a ‘Turkish invader.’ It was only later that the pair clarified the name referred not to the invader but means ‘iron’.

Even during debate over Jehangir’s name, Kareena informed another media network , “I need to start meditating now that I’m up against the wall.  We’re dealing with two innocent youngsters here. I am a happy person who wishes to promote joy and optimism.  Negativity has no place in our lives. Take a look at what the Covid-19 outbreak has done. It has pulled the globe closer together. That is something that all of us should consider.”



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