Kashmera Shah chooses to stay neutral in Nisha Rawal-Karan Mehra case

Kashmera Shah said she is against domestic violence.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Actor Karan Mehra was recently arrested after his wife and television actress Nisha Rawal accused him of assaulting her. However, the actor declined it and said Nisha smashed her head on wall itself to blame me.

Now, Kashmera Shah, who is a close friend of Nisha, said that everyone should think about Karan and Nisha’s son instead of treating the ongoing dispute as a gossip. She also said that she chooses to remain neutral for Kavish’s sake.

Meanwhile, yesterday she told a leading daily that, “I am with Nisha and apparently he (Karan) did hit her and there were a lot of financial things he has messed up with and he has been hitting her for the last couple of times. We found out when we came to the house and Nisha has been quiet about it because it is a very personal thing. We knew there were problems but didn’t know to what extent. And you cannot interfere also as a best friend you can just be with her.”

Now, in her recent Instagram post, she claimed to being neutral as she loves their child Kavish.

“So if you are asking me to take sides I choose to take the side of the young child here. I am here for him and I will do everything to help his mother protect him. I don’t know his father’s side at all but I cannot bash him as he is now and Always will be Kaavish’s dad so I choose to remain neutral,” she wrote.

“I know this is a more difficult path and not many may understand this but this is who I am. I am with my Friends No Matter What. People make mistakes and many do very bad things,” she added.

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