Katrina Kaif, Radhika Apte and other’s who were caught in controversy of leaked private content

B-Town’s actresses are often trolled for their leaked content which leaves the industry shaken.

The industry of Bollywood is known for its controversies. The news is even more spiced up when there is a leakage of some private moments which ideally is not prescribed to the lay public. Even the smallest of leaks lead to high exaggeration thus causing heavy trolling and hate speech. From Radhika Apte to Hanshika Motwani, their controversial leaks have been a shocker for the industry. Look how.

#1 Radhika Apte’s traumatic leak

A nude clip of actor Radhika Apte happened to leak out which left the actress shattered. The actor recalled the incident and has spoken about how she felt by the fact that she couldn’t step out of the house for four whole days due to the stigma. Some other leaks followed from Anurag Kashyap’s film Madly and Ajay Devgan’s parched. It was a super depressing phase for Radhika.

#2 Shahid and Kareena’s stolen private moment

One of B-Town’s popular ex love story is that of Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan. The two were in a relationship for long and have passionate reflections in their films like Jab We Met. The couple was caught in controversy by the industry when a clip of the two kissing was leaked out.

#3 Sara Khan’s bathtub moment

Sara Khan was exposed by her sister Arya Khan who accidently posted of the two bathing together in their bathtub. Contestant of Bigg Boss, Sara Khan got the picture deleted but it was too late and the fire had already spread.

#4 Katrina and Ranbir’s couple goals

Pictures of the ex-couple, Katrina Kaif and Rabir Kapoor went viral when the couple was on a quality vacation in Spain. There were private moments of the couple that were leaked which again led to controversy and even bothered Kat’s ex-boyfriend, Salman Khan.

#5 Hanshika Motwani’s private clicks

With no consent of hers, Hanshika’s private pictures had been leaked online. The celebrity was angered by the leak and said that she was more than okay to wear an Bikini or a revealing outfit on-screen but the fact of the leaks was just intolerable.

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