‘Ke ghar silan, Hrithik Roshan?’ a surprised admirer writes after seeing the most recent photo; the actor responds

Hrithik Roshan posted a rather lovely post this morning on Wednesday vibes in his mother. Sitting by the breakfast table, he shared a mirror selfie while his mother stood by the balcony. Hrithik undersigned the post saying, without a midweek blue “My mother dates a lazy breakfast. This is a good tomorrow. This is a good morning.

On Wednesday, Sunday’s feelings are best. Go now, hug your mother.” While the post of Hrithik was meant to spread love and remind people to hug their mother, some of them could not see anything beyond Hrithik’s damp house.

That’s right, that’s right!As soon as Hrithik published this picture on Instagram, this user commented, “The sad, crying emojis Gaur se dekhie Hrithik Roshan ke ghar mein silan.” It refers to humidity at the wall for those who ask what silan means.

Hrithik might have ignored the comment, but he decided to explain why the wall went damp to this certain user. “Bhi rent per hai Filhaal ghar. Right now even the house is renting out, I’m buying my own house quickly (I don’t have any problems with it) “, Hrithik answered.It was reported in October last year that Hrithik sprinkled close to 100 crores Rs in purchasing apartments in order to build a ‘house in the air.’ The other apartment is a one-story house, while one is a duplex penthouse.

The building on the Juhu-Versova link street is said to be located on 14th, 15th and 16th floors. The house is currently being prepared, so that in Juhu in June 2020 the Roshans rented a flat. The rented house is said to pay Rs 8.25 lakhs a month.

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