KRK announces alliance with Arjun Kapoor; says, “I will never criticize your film”

Kamaal Khan has publicly said that Arjun Kapoor was the only actor to give him a consoling call and terms him as his ‘real friend.’

Self-proclaimed film critic and now a controversial person in B-Town, Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK has been at loggerheads with Salman Khan after the Bhai of Bollywood filed a defamation case against the critic. The talk about the issue has intensified so much that Kamaal is now gathering the support of the industry by calling them his own. Recently, he shared a tweet where he speaks about how Arjun Kapoor is the only true friend of his who gave him a call and they had a long healthy discussion. He also added in the tweet that Arjun Kapoor is the ‘real mard’ and that he will never ever criticize Arjun’s films.

Kamaal’s tweet went like this, “Thank you so much @arjunk26 Bhai for your call and long discussion. Now I understood that you are only my real friend in Bollywood. And you are only real MARD who is not scared of anyone. Now I will never ever criticise your film.”


Yesterday, Twitter told us that Kamaal had tagged renowned personalities of the industry in a tweet wherein he extended a feeling of brotherhood with them. Before that, Kamaal had thanked Govinda for being in favour of him. However, Govinda clarified that he never had a telephonic discussion with the critic. Enveloped with embarrassment, Kamaal covered his statement by saying that he was referring to a friend named Govinda.

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