KRK won’t stop reviewing Salman films, says Bollywood supports him

If this man will request me, or even touch my feet also, still I will review his every film and each song ; KRK on Salman Khan

Kamaal Rashid Khan is an Indian film actor, producer and writer. He participated in the reality show, Bigg Boss in 2009. He is often referred to as the most controversial person in the industry. Khan’s Hindi film Deshdrohi was banned in 2008 in Maharashtra by the state government amid riot concerns. He entered public consciousness with his sting in Big Boss season 3 where he was evicted for throwing around things after he got angry with Big Boss.
He always keeps himself in trend and serious issues with his comments, trolling and reviewing Bollywood movies in the coolest way.
Recently, KRK has landed himself in great trouble after reviewing ‘Radhe’ as Salman and his fans didn’t like it. Team Radhe has sent him a legal notice for defamation of the actor and his movie. Refusing to apologise, self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan, also known as KRK, has said that he is doing his job honestly.
In his new video posted on his YouTube channel, KRK said that he will not apologise to anyone, as he hasn’t done anything wrong. In a series of tweets, he said that he has received messages from over 20 Bollywood personalities, supporting him in this fight. “More than 20 Bollywood people have called me to give me their support. They said, that they were not able to do that whatever I am doing. Because they were not ready to have a direct conflict with him. They were scared to make him their enemy. I say- Thank you all so very much!” he wrote. In a second tweet, he added, “Now I don’t care, what will be the result. But I will fight for all those people. I can’t allow so many people to get disappointed. I won’t break their trust.”

Here’s the tweet by KRK, check this out;

On Thursday, Salman’s lawyers said that the defamation suit was not for KRK’s review, but KRK’S allegations of corruption and money laundering against the Bollywood star.
After initially demonstrating that he would stop reviewing Salman’s films, he changed his attitude and wrote in a tweet that he will keep reviewing the actor’s movies even if he touched his feet.
“Normally I don’t review the film if producer-director or actor of the film asks me to not review it. But Now if this man will request me, or even touch my feet also, still I will review his every film and each song. Satyamev Jayate! Jai Hind,” he wrote, noting that Salman hadn’t taken action against the other negative reviews of the film.
The movie did a good start at the OTT platforms but had the very lowest rating of 1.8/10 on IMDb. The movie was also trolled for many reasons.

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