Life has only changed for good post marriage, says Singer Rahul Vaidya

Rahul Vaidya: Life has only changed for good post marriage

EX big boss contestant, Singer Rahul Vaidya, and actress Disha Parmar got married on July 16. It’s been over three months from that point forward, however, the couple hasn’t had the option to go on a vacation. In any case, Vaidya wishes to change that. “This is the only thing that I’d like to change. Soon after our marriage, both of us got super busy with our respective professional commitments. We do miss taking some time off. Because of Disha’s TV schedule, we cannot have impromptu lunches, dinners, or travel plans. But I’m okay with that, because she’s enjoying work and I’m happy in what she enjoys,” he says.

Vaidya adds that the beauty of their bond is that it’s natural and that they are both very supportive towards one another. Ask him how their lives have changed post marriage, and the singer says, Life has been more or less the same; of course it has become much more beautiful. Sharing your room and space with someone who’s so much like you feels great. The only change is that I’ve started sleeping early, and that’s a great one. I had a problem of sleeping really late like 4 am.”

Vaidya, 34, says they additionally help each, professionally. “I love watching her show whenever I get some free time. And whenever I have to act a little for my brand campaigns or music videos, I take acting lessons from Disha. She’s quite involved in all the songs I do,” he says.


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