When Madhuri Dixit credited brother for her love story with Shriram Nene

Madhuri’s brother played a significant role in bringing Dixit- Nene together

Actress Madhuri Dixit and Dr. Shriram Nene are an outstanding Bollywood couple. They’ve been together since the year1999, and we’ve never heard anything bad about their marital life. Nevertheless, many people have long wondered how Madhuri and Shriram, two individuals from very different professions, met. Madhuri Dixit reportedly stated that it was her brother who slyly paired her and Nene, and the inevitable happened.

Madhuri Dixit told the storey of her first encounter with Shriram Nene on a chat show presented by Anupam Kher in 2016. She said that it all began in Los Angeles when her sibling unexpectedly brought Nene’s family to their house. She had a sense that once everybody had departed, her relatives would prod her and question her about one specific individual. She wasn’t unfamiliar with circumstances like these, and before to that specific day, she had a habit of avoiding them. When it turned to Shriram Nene, on the other hand, she was seriously impressed by him, because for the first time, she admitted that she adored him.

The thing that Shriram had no idea who she was and had to learn about her as a person before knowing her as a movie star was really rejuvenating for Madhuri.
Following that, the two agreed to marry, and Madhuri spent several years in the United States. She was at the peak of her career when she we Dr. Nene.  Yet, she was certain that nothing really would matter post meeting her suitable life mate, which she did with Shriram.

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