Manisha Koirala opens up about ‘arduous’ battle with cancer, shares photos from her treatment

Manisha Koirala opens up about ‘arduous’ battle with cancer

Cancer survivor Manisha Koirala took to Instagram and shared a post to discuss the ‘arduous journey of cancer treatment’ on National Cancer Awareness Day. The actress shared photos from the time she was going through treatment and offered her respects to the individuals who succumbed to the battle.

“On this National Cancer Awareness Day, I want to wish everyone who is going through this arduous journey of cancer treatment, a lot of love and success. ‘I know the journey is tough, but you are tougher than that.’ I want to pay my respects to those who succumbed to it and celebrate it with those who conquered it.” she wrote.

“We need to spread the awareness on the disease and all the stories that are filled with hope need to be told and retold. Let’s be kind to ourselves and to the world. I’d pray for everyone’s health and wellbeing. Thank you,” she added.

Manisha was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. After a long battle, she was declared cancer-free by 2015. She was in the US for six months as a part of her treatment. Talking with Hindustan Times in 2018, Manisha had said that the diagnosis and the treatment that followed changed her personally.

“When I came out at the other end, if there was anything joyful, I would make the most of that moment. I literally started seeing joy in small things like walking on the grass, the breeze on my face, looking out of my bed at the sky and clouds, sunsets and sunrises — I started noticing small things, because tomorrow I didn’t know whether I would be alive to see it,” she said.


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