Manoj Muntashir reacts to the allegations of ‘Teri mitti’ being plagiarized, says ‘will quite’

The renowned lyricist Manoj Muntashir has been in the news for his plagiarism case over ‘teri mitti’. On social media, some people claimed that the song is copied from a Pakistani song released in 2005. Here’s what lyricist and writer Manoj Muntashir has to say on it.

While speaking to ETimes, Manoj Muntashir said, “Those making these allegations should kindly check the video which has been uploaded many months after the release of our film, ‘Kesari’. And for your kind information the singer is not Pakistani but our very own Indian folk singer Geeta Rabari. You can call and check with her, too.”

When asked about his views on plagiarism claims over his other work, Manoj Muntashir said, “People are attacking me because of the video I made on the Mughals where I have used strong words against them, referring to them as glorified dacoits.”

“If it is proved that Teri Mitti is a copy of any song whatsoever, I will quit writing forever,” the star lyricist expressed his frustration in strong words. 

Concluding his interview, Manoj said, “If my YouTube videos and retelling of correct history upsets someone, they are most welcome to reason with me. But don’t disrespect a song that has become an anthem for the armed forces. It’s not acceptable.”

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