Mika Singh to release a diss track against Kamaal R Khan, KRK called him ‘chirkut singer’

KRK only picks on the soft people in Bollywood – Mika Singh

Salman Khan – KRK Controversy was not over yet that Mikka Singh also jumped into the ongoing spat between the two.

Mika said that KRK hasn’t courage to mess with him and called him a ‘donkey’ and a ‘scared mouse’.

Singer Mika Singh has also revealed that he will soon release a diss track titled ‘Barking Dog’ against self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan.

On Saturday, May 29, responding to a fan’s tweet, Mika wrote, “He only picks on the soft people in Bollywood. He won’t mess with his daddy. Tell my son to unblock me please. I am not Karan Johar or Anurag Kashyap. I am his daddy.” 

In a recent Interview, Mika gives his support to Salman by saying that Salman did the right thing to file defamation lawsui against KRK that’s where the dispute started.

Mika said, “Meri taraf se koi case-vase nahi hoga, seedha jhaapad hoga,” he said. “KRK itna bada chuha hai, woh apni bil se bahar nahi niklega, kyuki usse pata hai jaise hi woh bahar niklega usse jhaapad padne waale hain (He is a mouse, hiding in his hole. He knows the second he comes out he’ll get attacked).”

Reacting to it, KRK called him ‘chirkut singer’ without taking his name and twitted,

“Now a Chirkut Singer wants to jump in the matter to get publicity. But I won’t give him. Kood Beta, Jitna Koodna Hai. Tujhe Toh Bhav Bilkul Nahi Doonga! Kyonki Teri Aukaat Hi Nahi Hai (Son, get excited all you want. I will not give you attention at all because you do not have stature for it).”


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