Milind Soman’s another running post is seeking people’s attention, this time the reason is different, have a look here

Milind Soman advised running in his new post COVID post

Milind Soman recently, recovered from COVID-19 and has posted a picture of him running. He has also answered questions about running in the caption.

These are the suggestions he gave in the caption: “To answer some questions about running that people have asked here –
1. To run I wear either Vibram five fingers with toes cut off, or Luna Sandals. I find closed shoes uncomfortable, I can’t run with my natural form.
2. To me, soft/hard surface does not matter, technique matters. Run softly.
3. Running correctly and regularly strengthens legs and is good for the knees.
4. If you are starting/restarting/been sick/been injured/overweight, start with a very slow speed and short comfortable distances. Regularity is the key to improvement.
5. I don’t need any special diet if I am running 5-6km a day. I might need to eat more if I am running 50-60km a day.
6. I don’t use sunscreen. After running, if the sun has been really hot I use a little curd on my face and wash it off with water when it dries. Skin feels good, tan looks amazing ”

The comment section is filled with lots of love and he has even posted some stories in his Instagram stories of fans thanking him for the advice.

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