When Miss Universe runner-up Adline Castelino revealed Lara Dutta’s advice ‘before leaving’ for competition

‘You can control what you do, but you can’t control what happens to you’ ; Lara told to Adline

Adline Castelino who is the third runner-up at the Miss Universe pageant has revealed in a recent Interview about the piece of advice she received from former beauty queen Lara Dutta who won the Miss Universe pageant in 2000.

In a recent interview, Adline shares how fortunate she is to receive that much love from the fans after her Miss Universe adventure.

Talking to Pinkvilla, she also revealed about the advice Lara Dutta gave her.

“Lara ma’am told me this, just before leaving, she said, ‘You can control what you do, but you can’t control what happens to you’,” she told.

“I’m a firm believer that your destiny takes you places. If you’re not meant to be somewhere, you’re meant to be somewhere else. And I gave it my 100%, in terms of every little preparation I could do, physically and emotionally. The circumstances around me helped me grow into a much more aware person. I didn’t hold back, I gave it my all. I’m very proud of my accomplishment,” she added further.

Adline also appeared in many music videos before making her mark as a beauty queen including Arjun Kanungo’s Mere Dil Vich, which has garnered 1.8 million views. She also featured in 2019 famous song Tere Bina with Shreyas Dharmadhikari.

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