NCB sends Shah Rukh Khan’s son’s phone for forensic investigation in the Aryan Khan drug case

The cell phones of Aryan Khan and the other charged have been sent for measurable assessment to a research facility in Gandhi Nagar, states a report on India Today. This comes after the NCB guaranteed under the watchful eye of the city court that “stunning and implicating” proof was recuperated in the WhatsApp talks of the charged that showed connections to worldwide medication dealing. In ongoing reports, the opiates office even asserted that Aryan examined methods of installment for obtainment of medications and that they utilized a few ‘code names’.

Reports further express that Khan has been given science books that he had requested.According to the advancements working on this issue, 6 additional individuals, including four from the Delhi occasion the executives organization Namas’cray Experience Pvt Ltd have been arrested by the NCB. The complete number of captures for the situation has now gone up to 16. In an assertion to ANI, NCB zonal chief Sameer Wankhede said, “Today we captured four additional individuals. They hosted coordinated this get-together. The NCB will look for their authority from the court… A sum of 16 captures have been made, the test is still on.”He was born on 13 november 1997.He completed his education from university of sourthern california.

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