‘Not just a Cadbury ad’: Shah Rukh Khan’s motivational message in the ad goes VIRAL amid Aryan Khan’s arrest

The ad used machine learning to recreate the actor’s face and voice to promote local stores.

The festive season has shown up, and it’s the ideal opportunity for firms to showcase their festive-themed product with zeal. Cadbury is a company that is known for delivering interesting and thoughtful advertisements for special occasions and celebrations, and this time was no special case. The company delivered an advertisement this Diwali featuring Shah Rukh Khan as the brand ambassador for small, local businesses that were influenced by the Covid pandemic, and the internet is praising the idea.

The commercial, dubbed ” Not Just a Cadbury Ad,” started with a voice-over and bytes from local merchants explaining how seriously the covid had affected them. ““This Diwali, we helped hundreds of small businesses by making India’s biggest brand ambassador, their brand ambassador,” the video continued.

Shah Rukh Khan showed up in the following scene, dressed in a cream-colored sherwani. He called out the names of a few stores, encouraging viewers to purchase clothes, shoes, candy, hardware, and different things from them. The business expressed in the commercial that the local store names in the promotion were created using machine learning to mimic Shah Rukh Khan’s face and voice. “Because it’s difficult to cover all of the stores,” the video said, “we gave the public the power to create their own version of ‘Not Just a Cadbury Ad.”

The advertisement went famous once it was uploaded to YouTube. The brand’s intelligent initiative was well welcomed by the audience, who applaud the company’s efforts to promote local businesses.


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