When Paparazzi questioned Aly Goni about red marks on his neck

Aly Goni was out in the city when he got papped, one of the cameramen gifted him mask with his and Jasmin’s photo on it

In the evening, Aly Goni was spotted in the city. As he walked approaching his car, a cameraman inquired about a red mark on his back and neck that resembled a love bite.

When he was asked what the red mark on his neck was, Aly replied “jo to soch raha hai vo nahi hai bhai (it’s not what you think it is brother).” Listening to this reply all the paparazzi burst into laughter. The cameraman also praised him for his song and when Aly asked if he liked the song, the cameraman replied yes, he liked it a lot.
Another cameraman while Aly was about to sit in his car, gifted Aly a mask which on the front had a photograph of him and ladylove Jasmin Bhasin on it. Aly immediately opened the mask’s packet and took a look, and thanked cameraman for gifting him this; further he removed the mask he was originally wearing and wore the mask he had been gifted, papz loved this gesture of his and said “dekho bhai ne pehen lia (look, brother wore it).”

If you are wondering the reason behind the red marks then that is because of the cupping therapy he undertook recently. Those cups left red marks on his back as well as neck.

Check out this video of the incident along with cupping therapy:

Aly in a recent interview told that he is not undertaking any projects since he thinks he is not fit in terms of health as he recently recovered from corona; he said he will take further projects once he gets back in shape.

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