Political reasons attached to the delay of the Prime series, A Family Man

The series, A Family Man has been delayed from the release date due to some insider reason. Read to know more.

A few days ago, the trailer of the sequel, A Family Man 2 had filled the internet with all that excitement revolving around the perks of the second season. However, it is now unofficially declared that the season will be delayed due to some political tensions. The trailer displayed Samantha Akkineni in a very aggressive light which has triggered some officials. The season is all about ISI and the rebels. Unfortunately, the rebels have been misinterpreted by a few to be a target to The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam who historically fought the civil war that was in Sri Lanka for the urge of an Independent state against the Sinhalese population. If anything is unappealing or threatening to the national interest, OTT has taken a step to take the content off its medium.

Since it is Samantha Akkineni who plays the Tamil rebel in the series, the sequel has become even more controversial, especially after the Tandav issue. Now that a political figure has demanded the ban of the sequel, Amazon decides to maintain silence. It is evident that there is no mention of the LTTE in the series and Samantha’s character could be a rebel from any region in general. Hopefully, the series isn’t anti-Tamil and will get a release date soon.

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