Prabhas ardent fan pens a suicide note over Radhe shyam update!

Prabhas Fan pens a suicide note over ‘Radhe shyam’ update!

A die heart Prabhas fan from Andhra wrote a suicide note over the makers not releasing updates of his favorite star’s forthcoming film, Radhe Shyam. Blaming “the UV creations team and the director Radha Krishna for being responsible for his suicide”, the fan expressed that he never wrote any letter in his life but for the first time he is writing a suicide note for a film.

In the social media post, he also wrote that “he has been waiting for Prabhas film’s updates for long but the makers aren’t listening to Prabhas’ fans plea which is falling to deaf ears to their – it’s enough, no more asking” he writes it in Prabhas’ style of reciting a movie dialogue.

Contrary to what the fan says, the producers of Radhe Shyam have as of now released the teaser of the film with its release date.

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