When Prachi Desai opensd up about facing sexism in Bollywood, says, “I said no to some big, but very sexist films”

Prachi Desai talked about facing sexism in Bollywood.

Prachi Desai opened up about facing sexism in Bollywood in an recent interview. She said “I have never wanted to work in films that are sexist. And in this industry, I have fought with this notion for a long time. All that people wanted me to be was ‘hot’,” Prachi told a leading daily.

She further added “The feedback I got from several male producers and directors was that I had to work on being hot. So, I picked less work and I chose to stay away. I said no to some big, but very sexist films.”

She also talked about how she was not given projects because of her refusing the sexist ones. She said “I could not possibly give the nod to a film like that. I dealt with this for two years before deciding to not put up with it anymore. The notion that others developed was that I was not interested. Word spread, and some people merely on hearsay didn’t approach me,”

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