Pratik Sehajpal and Neha Bhasin coming closer: Would chapter with Akshara Singh over soon?

Raqesh pointed that Pratik and Neha are coming closer, Shamita says Neha is happily married

Bigg Boss OTT is generating headlines on media platforms, primarily because of a few participants. Pratik Sehajpal is one among those. From irritating people with his needless outbursts to forging a relationship with Akshara Singh, he has hit the headlines in a big way. Within the house, participants are analyzing how Pratik Sehajpal and Neha Bhasin appear to be getting closer. Raqesh Bapat, a TV actor, was overheard informing Shamita Shetty that he believes Neha Bhasin has a thing for Pratik Sehajpal. Despite the fact that they have disagreements from time to time, they always make an effort to reconcile.

When Shamita Shetty hears this, she reminds Raqesh Bapat that Neha Bhasin is blissfully happy with husband Sameer Uddin and that this cannot happen.

According to Bapat, residents in this dwelling tend to become connected to one another. The spectators are loving Pratik Sehajpal and Akshara Singh’s jodi. Some even dubbed them #Prakshara. However, the equation appears to have peaked. Pratik’s relationship with Akshara Singh has come to an end. Pratik Sehajpal can’t have extended discussions with her the way he can with Neha Bhasin, Moose Jattana, and Milind Gaba, according to his admirers.

In a recent clip released, another contestant Zeeshan Khan was seen having an anxiety attack and threw up owing to the criticism he received from KJo. At the same time, KJo is being bashed for favoritism towards Shamita and Neha.

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