Priyanka Chopra gets wounded while shooting for Citadel

Priyanka shared a pic asking which wound is real and which one’s fake

While shooting her forthcoming series, Citadel, actress Priyanka Chopra is going to great lengths to strive for excellence in herself. During the filming, the actress plans to push herself beyond of her comfort bubble and throw some swings. Unfortunately, things appeared to have gone too far when Priyanka injured herself while filming Citadel. The star resorted to her Instagram stories to show off her bleeding bruises. As people speculated that her injuries were fabricated, she posted another image of her storey revealing her ‘real’ and ‘fake’ injuries.
She left people wondering what’s genuine and what’s false after sharing a close-up photo of herself.

After that a fan pointed out that the cut on her cheek was genuine but the cut on her brow was not, Priyanka responded with a thumbs down emoticon and a close-up photo, indicating that the bruise on her brow is genuine but the cut on her face is not. Don’t they appear a touch frightening in the image?

Previously, a few photos of PeeCee sporting the tight black suit appeared on social media, impressing admirers. They were admiring the actress who was about to reveal a hitherto unseen side of her.
In terms of Citadel, Priyanka, who has been working for it in London for quite some time now, plays a spy.

The actor co-stars alongside Game of Thrones and Eternals star Richard Madden. The Russo Brothers, well known for their work on Avengers: Endgame, are behind the series. The project will launch on Amazon Prime Video, marking her first entry into the world of web series.


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