Raghav Juyal and team make docu-series on the ground reality of COVID-19 hit Uttrakhand

Raghav Juyal and team have made docu-series on the ground reality of COVID hit Uttrakhand.

When the Second Wave of COVID-19 hit and situation got worse in Uttrakhand, dancer/actor Raghav Juyal and his team came forward for help. They did all sorts of medical and monetary help.

Now, the team has come forward for yet another initiative. They have documented, and edited the ground reality as a docu-series. Raghav recently, talked about it in an interview.

He said “All of us were working since past few months in Uttarakhand with health workers, so when we realised there were things in the health infrastructure that needed to be brought to attention, we worked on it.”

He further said “We wanted people to know the situation in villages, as most authorities claim everything is hunky-dory. People are still struggling with many things including their financial status, lack of infrastructure, etc. We made an objective documentary and not taken any sides. It is a straight portrayal of reality.”

He then added “People tend to believe more when they see visuals as then there is proof. We have spoken about what has happened on-ground and what is needed in that region. We have got the government officials and hospital staff and other health workers on quote,”

Lastly, he said “Many people who passed away due to Covid-19 were bread earners and now the families are struggling to make ends meet. Cloud bursting is another problem in the region and rising river levels threaten livelihood and homes. People are also searching for jobs in the pandemic economy. There is lack of awareness in villages as people don’t wear masks, don’t want to visit a doctor when they fall ill, and instead rely on home remedies,”

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