Rahul Vaidya shares a video reminiscing celebrating Sidharth Shukla’s 40th birthday with Shehnaaz Gill and his family

Rahul Vaidya and Sidharth Shukla were in the same hotel while celebrating Sidharth 40th birthday.

On Saturday night, after hearing the sudden demise of Sidharth Shukla, singer Rahul Vaidya took to his social media channels to share a video on his first reactions. It was over a five-minute-long video where he revealed that how he got calls from the journalists asking him about Sidharth’s death and was completely clueless as he was in Chandigarh to shoot a music video. At first, he thought it was just rumored and did not pay any attention to it. However, an hour later, news started to viral very quickly, and he was shocked.

He picked up his wife Disha from their home, and the couple rushed straight away headed to the late actor’s residence. He met Sidharth’s family members and his mother, Rita Shukla, to whom he gave some strengthening words.

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He further revealed that in December he and Sidharth were co-incidentally were in the same hotel on the night of Sidharth’s 40th birthday. Rahul opened up about the celebration, he shared that on 11th night and 12th December midnight, which used to be Sidharth’s birthday. Firstly he feels extremely sad saying that it used to be his birthday. He was at the Westin Hotel Mumbai, he called up Sidharth to wish him a happy birthday, he asked Rahul where he was and when he told him at the Westin, he asked Rahul to join him. He was in the same hotel two floors above Rahul’s room. He was with his mother, sister, the entire family, and Shehnaaz Gill was also there.

Rahul then showed a picture with Shehnaaz and his sister from that birthday party and stated that it was the first time when he strongly bonded with Sidharth.

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