Raj Kundra has been detained for “destroying evidence” says Prosecutor

In the controversial case the reason for Raj Kundra’s detention in the case has been justified since he started deleted the Whatsapp chats i.e. the evidence

Raj Kundra was detained on July 19 for his involvement in a pornographic material creation and selling case, but his attorneys deemed his detention to be ‘illegal.’ Informing the Bombay High Court of the true cause for the businessman’s detention, public prosecutor Aruna Pai claimed that he had stated erasing WhatsApp groups and messages, thereby ‘destroying evidence.’ Ryan Thorpe, Raj Kundra’s IT colleague, was also detained in the case and accused of destroying evidence.

The public prosecutor also disclosed that the Mumbai crime department confiscated 51 pornographic films from two applications, allegedly Hotshots and Bolly Fame.

Aruna Pai also stated that Kundra had sent an email to his brother-in-law, Pardeep Bakshi, who runs a firm in London, using his Hotshot app.
Aside from Raj Kundra, detectives are looking into the involvement of Yash Thakur, also known as Arvind Shrivastava. According to reports, he played an important role in the dissemination of pornographic content created by Kundra’s firm. Thakur denied the claims, telling a media outlet that, “I have explained through my lawyer that Nuefliks is a US-based firm and I was recruited as a consultant. I’ve never met Raj Kundra or any of his associates.”

Gehana Vaisith, who is free on bail for now, in the Raj Kundra porn case, said that the Mumbai Police sought a payment of Rs 15 lakh to save her from being arrested. Yash Thakur told a media outlet regarding the same statement that, “I have heard Gehana’s statement where she stated the cops requested for money, and that is accurate.  She planned for some funds. Her lawyer informed me that the police were seeking money and asked if I could come up with some additional money because Gehana could only come up with Rs 6 to 7 lakh. According to her lawyer’s request, she was seeking between ten and fifteen lakh rupees.”

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