Rakhi Sawant reveals that she’s staying away from KKK 11 due to Abhinav Shukla

“Kya pata mera fir se affair ho jaye Abhinav Shukla ke saath” – Rakhi Sawant

Bigg Boss fame Rakhi Sawant is an all-time entertainer, whether it’s her funny interviews or her candid posts on social media, she clearly know how to grab everyone’s attention.

On Thursday, in an interaction with paparazzi, she revealed that she is staying away from Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 because of Abhinav Shukla as she is worried about another affair. 

“Nahi baba, main nahi jaana chahti, waha Ruby nahi hai na. Kya pata mera fir se affair ho jaye. You never know Abhinav Shukla ke saath. Haan lekin ek kabab mein haddi hai wahan pe, Nikki Tamboli. (No baba, I don’t want to go there. What if I get involved in another affair? You never know with Abhinav. But Nikki Tamboli is there),” she said.

Earlier, during her Bigg Boss journey, she got little attached to Rubina’s husband Abhinav Shukla. She revealed that Abhinav is a nice person so being attached to him is not a big deal. She concluded it by saying, ” one gets attached even to animals and this was a human being.”

Rakhi once wrote Abhinav’s name all over her body with lipstick during Bigg Boss.

Meanwhile, Abhinav is currently shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 in Cape Town of South Africa.

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