Rakhi Sawant schools the guy staring at her during interview with papparazzi

Rakhi Sawant’s video of her calling out a man who was staring at her while she was talking to the paparazzi came out.

Rakhi Sawant called out a man who was staring at her while she was talking to the paparazzi. She was basically, answering the paparazzi’s questions when a man started staring at her and she shouted at the man.

She said “Uncle aap jaao na. Main interview kar rahi hu. Aap kyu dekh rahe ho? Ladki nahi dekhi uncle? Jaao na (Uncle, please leave. I am giving an interview, why are you looking at me? Never seen a girl? Please go),”

The man still kept on looking at her and she shouted again. She said “Dekho accident ho jaega. Jaao udhar dekho. Mereko mat dekho (Be careful or you’ll have an accident. Go, look ahead. Don’t look at me),” The video has been posted by the news corner Instagram handle.

Recently, talking about rape accusations against actor Pearle V Puri she said “If God himself told me, Pearl Puri, I would not believe it. He is such an innocent boy,” She then added “It’s wrong to accuse someone of something like this without proof. It takes 4-5 years to prove it in court. Who knows, maybe the girl is blackmailing them, maybe money is involved,”

She has also posted a picture with the actor supporting him against the rape accusations.

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