Rashmika Mandanna doesn’t like men with shirtless profile pics, says ‘I’m just too old school’

Rashmika Mandanna says she appreciates ‘extremely ripped’ men but not shirtless profile pics

Rashmika Mandanna said that she would immediately swipe left on a dating app if she saw shirtless photographs. She was talking on the show Swipe Ride.

While Rashmika said that she likes fitness and an ‘extremely ripped’ physique, she isn’t in favour of flaunting it online. She called her preferences ‘old school’.

“I just don’t understand it. Like I really appreciate guys going and working out and looking extremely ripped and fit. That’s a big ‘Oh yes!’ That shows how dedicated you are. But then again, why would you want to put it as your profile picture? Like, let people get to know you to actually get to that phase where they see your body. I mean, I’m just too old school,” she said.

Rashmika was likewise questioned as to whether she would date a younger man. “I don’t know, I think for me, they have to make you feel good about yourself. They should not try and change you. All of the small things. I think age doesn’t matter,” she said.

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