#RedDotChallenge: Jennifer Winget urges fans to join her in this campaign in favor of menstrual health

Jennifer Winget participates in the UNCEF initiative of the Red Dot Challenge and urges fans to do the same.

Television star, Jennifer Winget has taken to her social media to spread awareness about menstrual health. There is a campaign hosted by the UNICEF called as the #RedDotChallenge to care for the well being of women who are ill treated during the biological process of menstruations. The challenge asks participants to post a picture with a red dot in their hands which is a symbol of awareness.

Jennifer gave in for the challenge where she posted a black and white picture of herself, dressed in a white top and bearing a red dot on her palm. She captioned the picture as, “Times are tough, Use your position of privilege, Period! Drawing your attention to the #reddotchallenge that aims to raise awareness about the importance of menstrual hygiene; And in this unusual of years, also keeps our focus on caring for ourselves and others as we combat Covid-19.I stand with @post.for.change @unicefindia @diipakhosla and pledge that I will be safe and ensure others are safe. Starting today, until the 28th of May, stand with me to safeguard girls around the world and put an end to any stigma or shame that surrounds their menstrual cycle.”

Many women across the globe have taken up the challenge to spread awareness regarding this important issue which involves female health and hygiene.

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