Sabhyasachi Mukherjee opens up about designing for Deepika Padukone’s wedding while keeping it a secret from paparazzi

Sabhyasachi Mukherjee opened up about how he designed dress for Deepika Padukone’s wedding also keeping it a secret.

Sabhysachi Mukherjee suggested Deepika Padukone for coming to him for her wedding dress wearing a burqa for not being papped. He revealed their conversation and how the whole thing went on in an interview.

He said  “A few people from the Mumbai store (knew) because that’s where Deepika used to come secretly for her measurements and u We were terrified and I kept telling Deepika that ‘come in a burqa’ and Deepika said, ‘if I come in a burqa that’s when I will get spotted’ A few more people who (were) helping her with measurements and everybody knew. But most people in my factory, because there are 1,800 people at work there, though it was Naomi Campbell getting married to an Indian prince.”

He also told the reason behind giving Deepika Padukone the nickname of Naomi Campbell. He said  “The first thing that I told myself that I need a code word because of the fact that I was travelling all the time and to keep a secret for six months because you see when we do a bridal outfit there are a lot of people that work…I was like ‘no way could I keep this a secret’. So I said okay fine ‘we have to find a name we have to find a name’…and the first name that came out of my mouth was Naomi Campbell. I said Naomi is getting married, she’s getting married to an Indian guy because I was thinking that when the measurements come who else is going to be 5’11 tall.”

Have a look at Sabhya Sanchi’s designed Deepika Padukone’s bridal dress here:

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