When Saif Ali Khan opened up about being less successful than the Khan’s of Bollywood, says he is happy

Saif Ali Khan opened up about his success being less than Shah Rukh Khan in a latest interview by Film Companion

Saif Ali Khan opened up about his success being less than Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan, and how has it helped him.

He said ““I have to say these guys – Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir – were kind of born somehow to be actors. I think it must have been a childhood ambition. Certainly, I know it was for two of them. I don’t know if it was Salman’s ambition anyway but he was certainly built for it and made for the kind of success he saw. I joined movies at a time where you got to aim to either be a superstar or not bother. And there’s a point there. It wasn’t really about nuance, different kinds of characters…all that has happened now,”

He further added “For me, films have also changed. I am being offered complex roles and parts, and it is possible to make a lucrative living that can support a fairly lovely lifestyle,”

He also talked about his friendship with Akshay Kumar and how they use to compliment each other in the movies they did together.

He said “If I was cute and fun in a lot of movies and I did a lot of work with Akshay Kumar, who perhaps lacked at that point, cute and fun, so we made a kind of super-person and found our way in the industry. I completed him and he completed me. I think that’s why we are so fond of each other till today. We realise we owe each other that, in a sense,” he said, adding, “Usually, a solo successful superstar like these guys (the Khans) don’t need someone to complete them.”

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