Salman denies having a wife and 17 y/o daughter in dubai

A tweet that was discussed on Pinch about Salman Khan claimed that he has a secret family in Dubai.

On Wednesday, Salman Khan made a guest appearance on the season two opening of his brother Arbaaz Khan’s talk show, Pinch. The format of the show involves Arbaaz hurling insulting tweets at his guests in order to elicit a reaction from them.

Arbaaz Khan stated that while the most of the comments on social media are favourable, a small number of them are abusive. One of them, probably from last year, claimed that Salman Khan had a hidden family in Dubai, complete with a wife and a 17-year-old daughter.

The remark stated, “Kahan chhupa baitha hai darpok. Bharat mein sab jaante hain ke tu Dubai mein apni biwi Noor aur 17 saal ki beti ke saath hai. Bharat ke log ko kab tak murkh banaiga (Where have you been hiding, you coward? Everyone in India is aware that you are in Dubai with your wife and 17-year-old daughter. How much further are you going to attempt to deceive us)?”

Salman was initially taken aback. “Who is this for?” he inquired. When Arbaaz told him that the remark was definitely addressed at him, Salman said in Hindi, “These individuals are quite well-informed. This is just nonsense. I’m not sure who they’ve talked about or where they’ve posted. Is this person really expecting me to respond in a dignified manner? I don’t have a wife, brother. I’ve been living in India, in Galaxy Apartments, since I was nine years old. I’m not going to react to this individual because the entire  India knows where I reside).”

Pinch season 2 also has Ananya Panday, Tiger Shroff, Farhan Akhtar, Kiara Advani, Rajkummar Rao, and Farah Khan as guests in the coming episodes. Arbaaz claimed in a remark that Pinch’s second season is “bigger and bolder.” In an interview, he also stated that it was a conscious choice not to include Salman in the first season because he wanted the programme to flourish on its own before putting him on.

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