Samantha Ruth Prabhu – Naga Chaitanya rift: Actress REACTS to rumours of her friendship with her designer-stylist pal

Entertainers Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya would have believed that theories and bits of gossip around their own lives would end with their authority declaration about their spilt. Much to their dismay that they would just increment and this time, cross of cutoff points, addressing them ethically also, for fizzling in their ‘wonderful marriage’. Since the time Samantha and Naga Chaitanya moved into the open with regards to their choice to end their marriage, there have been numerous theories around what turned out badly between them.

One of the reports fanning out like quickly is about ‘the genuine explanation for’ the split and it is being said that it was Samantha’s closeness to her planner/beautician companion Preetham Jukalkar that caused a fracture between the couple. Alongside this, there have been theories around the astounding provision that Samantha has requested from Chay. So fundamentally, everybody is simply pinning everything on Samantha for their marriage going downhill. Nonetheless, Naga Chaitanya is seeming to be somebody who just got a terrible arrangement out of this marriage.

Furthermore, presently, Samantha has posted a hard-hitting statement which is by all accounts her method of closing down all who are spreading tales, raising fingers at her and faulting her for the messed up marriage. Toward the beginning of today, Samantha shared a statement in her Instagram stories that peruses, “In case matters are continually ethically problematic when done by ladies, however not even ethically addressed when done by men – then, at that point, we, as a general public, essentially have no ethics.”

The statement is ascribed to creator Farida D and appears to be Samantha’s alluding to what truly turned out badly and that it isn’t right just taking her to be the one due to whom the marriage fizzled. The Family Man 2 entertainer’s post is a brutal update how the general public consistently raises fingers at ladies while men get out without any consequence.

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