Sameera Reddy shows off her weight loss journey, shares inspiring tips

Sameera Reddy opened up about how she has lost weight ‘because of intermittent fasting, sugar control’.
She took to Instagram to share details about her weight loss journey. She said she has experienced inch loss following a four-pronged fitness regimen.
Actor Sameera Reddy has always been vocal about body positivity and leading a healthy lifestyle on social media. She openly talks about her body, fitness routine and how she manages to include some healthy habits in her lifestyle.

Actor Sameera Reddy on Friday shared a throwback post to give a glimpse of her weight loss journey. She said she has lost significant weight and is ‘even more determined’ to achieve her goal. Taking to Instagram, she shared a picture in which she was seen wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt paired with black tights as she kept her hair loose.
Smiling for the camera, Sameera Reddy captioned her post, “Major breakthrough this week! I’ve had a significant drop in weight and my luscious rolls are finally coming down ! #fitnessfriday is my happy reminder for you and me to keep going and not give up !”

She added, “I’m 86.9 kg and even more determined to get to my goal of 75 kg and being able to just get to my optimum stamina still enjoying where I am at now without feeling down but more importantly feeling charged my intermittent fasting is back on track and my yoga is helping me with my mental and physical balance ( much needed) I’ve really had to hold back on sweet !! Super hard but I see the difference! how is it going for you? #fitnessmotivation #bodypositive #imperfectlyperfect #letsdothis.”
Reacting to her post, actor Saif Ali Khan’s sister Saba Ali Khan, wrote, “Thank you .. for motivating and supporting us all! Stay safe.” Fans also praised her for taking to the comments section. A fan said, “You will achieve your goal soon with all the hard work and determination your putting in.” “And you look absolutely amazing!!!,” wrote another. A third fan commented, “You look, happy girl! something that’s more motivating than the drop in weight (of course it’s a big achievement!) Love that big wide smile.” Another fan said, “You’re frickin awesome!”

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