Sanjay Dutt opens up about working with his father

In a recent appearance of Sanjay Dutt on the special episode of a reality show has paved way for a couple of very interesting anecdotes from the primary days of his career. The actor opened up on his youth in Bollywood and the way the events that had happened some time in the past which look funny and wonderful within the hindsight.

Sanjay Dutt opened on working under his dad, Sunil Dutt, sharing, “Working on Rocky was a troublesome task and particularly because my father was the director. We didn’t use to possess a lunch break.” One time, Farooq bhai, his assistant, came and told him that we don’t have a lunch break but he can go and have something. While Sanjay used to be eating the food, his dad was already ready with the shot and asked where Sanjay used to be.” Farooq Bhai said, “he has gone for lunch and my dad got angry and told him to call me directly . He started shouting at me asking who told you to travel have lunch, did I say it’s an opportunity and every one of the things . He said don’t think you’re Sunil Dutt’s son.”

He continued, “I went to call him sir on the sets so I told him it had been Farooq sir who told me then to eat, but when he asked Farooq Bhai he denied it. He started saying, kids lately don’t even consider posing for permission just want to urge on with their own stuff. He started saying that you simply should have asked Sunil sir before eating, who told you to eat without permission and in my head i used to be such as you told me to eat.”

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