“Save for the needy,” Sonu Sood reacts to the wastage of milk on his posters in Andhra Pradhesh

The video of pouring milk over Sonu Sood’s poster has faced a lot of flak. Here is the actor’s reaction on it.

Sonu Sood has been the messiah of the refugees and those who have been rescued from the shortage of resources in this time of the pandemic. After the actor set up oxygen plants in the cities of the south, the people who were overwhelmed by his contribution, poured milk onto his posters so as to honor his good deed. This mainly happened in cities of Nellore and Kurnool and the videos have gone viral. Now, Sonu Sood has reacted to these video through his tweets. He says that he feels honored and humbled by the gesture of the localities but not at the cost of the needy. Sonu said that he feels ‘humbled’ by the love shown but requested fans to not waste milk. “Request everyone to save milk for someone needy,” he wrote.


Last time when milk had been poured onto his poster in Andhra Pradesh the actor had commented by saying, “Humbled.” To this the mob was angry and urged him to ask the public to stop what they were doing. In response to the flak back then, Sonu has responded positively to the latest videos that have gone viral. Actor Kavita Kaushik has also tweeted angrily at the fans by saying, ” We love @SonuSood and the nation will be indebted to him forever for his selfless acts, but I’m sure even Sonu will be unhappy with this foolish and uninspiring act of wasting milk in times where people are dying of hunger.. why are we so extra always with everything ??!!”

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