Shah Rukh Khan supporters outraged after Aryan Khan’s bail gets denied; netizens add, “This is simply absolutely cruel”

Aryan Khan’s bail supplication was dismissed recejected today (October 2) by a Mumbai court. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s child has been in Mumbai’s Arthur Street prison since October 8. Netizens are responding on the information. Many are disillusioned as they were trusting that he would be conceded bail today. “I thought cash, force can do everything except I wasn’t right,” composed a client. “This will continue endlessly,” read another remark. ‘This is simply amazingly remorseless,’ read a tweet.

Presently only one chance is their that might be SRK did showed conscience to large bjp lawmaker in past before 2014 when bjp was lobbying for political decision and that time bjp was no place in governmental issues and presently they are rendering retribution from SRK . All realizes SRK support mamata di #AryanKhanBail. Aryan was captured by the Opiates Control Department on October 3 and was sent into legal care for 14 days on October 7.

WIth his bail supplication being dismissed, it is being accounted for that his legal counselors are currently prone to move toward the Bombay High Court.He was born on 13 november 1997.He did his education from University of southern california.

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